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42 Strategies For Getting
The Seller To Say, "YES"!

The key to success in any business transaction is to find as many ways as possible for the other side to ... comfortably... say "YES!"  In this FREE REPORT you"ll learn 42 ways to get the seller to say "YES!" to your offer.

In every real estate market there are "insider secrets" to get the other side to sign on the dotted line.  Knowing those secrets puts you in a powerful negotiating position.


  • The #1 Rule of negotiations
  • The "Last Resort" strategy
  • How to use the "Red Herring" strategy

And so much more!

It's not enough to know what you want out of negotiation.  You also need to anticipate what the other party wants (double think).  The smart negotiator also tries to anticipate what the other party thinks you want (triple think).

  • Know your: BATNA

BATNA stands for the 'best alternative to a negotiated agreement.'  The acronym comes out of the research on negotiation conducted by the Harvard Negotiation Project.  Before you begin a negotiation, know what your options are.  Can you walk away from the deal?  What other choices do you have?  What are the pros and cons of each choice?  Don't stop here.  Also consider the BATNA of the other party.

Get this FREE REPORT today: 42 Strategies For Getting The Seller To Say, "YES!"

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