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114 Fix-Ups To Get Top Dollar For Your Home


114??  Yep.  Think of your home as a product or service.  You need to “package” it attractively to create a demand for it and get the most money in the shortest time.  Here are some fast (and not so fast), inexpensive (and not so inexpensive) changes that will make your home stand out among similarly priced homes in your neighborhood.  Send now for this FREE REPORT:  "114 Fix-Ups To Get Top Dollar."


As you know, your property is competing with other similar properties.  Generally, buyers look at 7 to 12 houses before deciding to buy.  So if you want buyers to STOP at your house and not just SHOP your house ... it"s wise to invest a few greenbacks and elbow grease to assure yourself of TOP DOLLAR in the SHORTEST TIME.  Sprucing up your place can pay big dividends at closing, and I can share with you 114 ways to fix-up your house.




Easy-to-do exterior fix-up tips


Ideas to make your home more "homey"


The best $5.00 solution to brighten up any décor


Simple answer for fixing that "squeaky floor'


Lighting and aroma ideas that buyers will love


And more!  Send now for this FREE REPORT:

"114 Fix-Ups To Get Top Dollar."

Sam Jebeile
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